Studio Sozo

A creative media studio producing both still and moving images via camera, computer, video, DVD and podcast.

Based in Durham, North Carolina and Boulder, Colorado

Pamela Hoge

Creative Director and Producer, Founder of Studio Sozo

Pamela is an Emmy award winning Producer/Director with extensive experience in public television, educational videos, radio, photography, fine art and enjoys mixing medias. A graduate of Duke University, Pamela’s work ranges from in-studio, multi-camera programs to field documentaries that include nationally aired documentary series. She has worked as a staff producer for public television as well as an independent producer/director performing all aspects of the production. She has experience interviewing people from all walks of life and of all ages, including: politicians, authors, a 101 year old farmer, newborn twins, environmental activists, and child musicians. Along with hosting a radio interview program for Working Assets she has written articles for internet sites, the Boulder Daily Camera and Earth News. She is also a musician (participating in community choral groups) and active in the community having served on the boards of Parks and Recreation; Ecocyle, nonprofit recycling; Chair of local Sierra Club; Boulder County Long Range Planning Commission.

List of awards:

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Best Instructional
  • Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy
  • National Educational Film Association, Golden Apple
  • Parent’s Choice Gold Award
  • Excellence in Journalism, Colorado


A video documentary featuring Dr. Oakleigh Thorne, II, who has lead an inspirational life with a passionate mission as a pioneering environmental educator, leader and mentor.
Link to The Community Foundation website where individuals can make a tax-deductable donation.
The Oak Thorne Video Documentary Project (link)

Illustrator, Videographer, Editor
An animated children’s book about a day in the life of a child incorporating art and video; formatted for video, ebook, hard book.

A Piece of Earth
A personal exploration and a tribute to the wisdom and ways of an elderly subsistence farmer engulfed by a city with land use ethics challenging their simple life-style and the health of the land.

Legacy videos (link):
Creating programs for clients that memorialize a family member, a major event, family story, or even a beloved pet.


Greenbelts Yes!
Conversations with founders of Boulder Colorado’s open space program. 2017

Leo’s Story
Legacy Videos 2017

Multiples: More of Everything
Co-Producer/ Director/ Videographer/ Editor
(for Injoy Health and Education company)
A 2 part series on the challenges of birthing and raising twins or more, through the first year. 2008

Somewhere in the World
A promotional video for the adoption agency Somewhere in the World. 2006

Thorne Ecological Institute
Co- Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor
A promotional video for the non-profit organization Thorne Nature Experience. 2004

Host of a 2 hour weekly radio program
KWAB, Working Asset’s radio station which combined interviews, news and music on timely local, national and international environmental issues. 1999-2001

Cesarean Birth: Personal Stories
Co-Producer/ Director/ Editor
(for Injoy Health and Education company)
A program about preparing couples emotionally and physically for the possibility of an unplanned cesarean. 1995
*Bronze Apple, National Educational Film & Video, 1996

Lizzie and the Baby
Co-Producer/ Director
(for Injoy Health and Education company)
A video about preparing young children for a new sibling. 1993
* Gold Award, Parent’s Choice, 1996
* Bronze Apple Award, Nat’l Educational Film & Video, 1994


Fueling the Future: Hot Wiring America’s Farms
Documentary on the state of agriculture, as part of a 4 part series on energy use in the USA, PBS national distribution.
* Best Informational, Corporation for Public Broadcasting 1989
* Presented at the U.S. Environmental Film Festival 1991

Who’s Taking the Heat?
An eight part series on energy conservation, PMN national distribution.
* Rocky Mountain Emmy Award – National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 1985-86
PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR for Theme Night Specials
A monthly, live series incorporating in-house documentaries, studio discussions and acquired programs:

The Changing Faces of Aids 
Explores the affects of AIDS and the changing demographics.
* Excellence in Journalism Awards, The Society of Professional Journalists – Colorado, 1990

Sidewalks and Grassroots  
The effects of local activism.

In the Public Eye 
Exploring the difference between public art, billboards and graffiti.

Earth Day 1990 
Earth Day and the environmental movement.


Ginsberg Poetry
Allen Ginsberg in studio poetry reading.

Beyond the Shelter Door
History of the battered women’s movement.

Securing Our Future
Disarmament and the fear of a nuclear winter.